Why is Our Menu (And the Company) Different?

Take one look at our menu, or better yet, talk to your friends and neighbors who we’ve worked for,  and you’ll see instantly what makes Exquisite Caterers different.

As far as the menu, we’re best described as New American Chic, that just happens to be kosher. We have items like osso bucco, venison, and foie gras – all items that no other kosher caterer does. We try to find different items available. We recently started working with a new butcher that gets us American Kobe beef, venison, bison, quail, pheasant and more. These are things that are very hard to find and are still Kosher. We also go to new trendy restaurants and sometimes its just our new spin on an old classic.

As far as the company – the thing we are most proud of is our staff. Our workers – once they start working here we treat them as family. Our sous chef has been with us for 15 years, his assistant for 3 and my assistant for 2. My assistant before that was here for 7 years before he left to start his own business.  At Exquisite Caterers we have a saying “if you won’t eat it, don’t serve it.”  Each and every staff member takes great pride in what they do.

And, while we have won numerous awards (even in  vegan competitions!) we don’t need awards to know that we are good.  The hugs and kisses from our clients every week is an award in itself!